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Outdoors Tutoring


Cycle Dates

Our cycles reflect the quadmester dates that Ontario has implemented in their school system for the academic year of 2021-2022. Our different cycles allow for students to provide and receive guidance based on their own time commitments. It also allows high school students to receive mentorship based on the specific subjects they have during their quadmester. 

Our Program

Our mentorship program is a peer mentorship program for students located in Ottawa, Ontario. Our coordinators will match mentors to mentees depending on their strengths and needs. We value one-on-one mentorships and we believe that it is essential for both parties to grow together.

Our Mentors

Our mentors are middle school or high school students with at least an 85% in the subject they are teaching in. They will be applying with an application and possible an interview or a resume. 

Our Mentees

Our mentees include anyone in the Ottawa community that is willing to and motivated to learn from their mentor. Sign up now to be a part of our program!

Customizable Schedule

Our mentorship program is held virtually and each session is scheduled according to the mentor's and the mentee's availability. Each pairing will meet for at least an hour per week; however, additional sessions can be added depending on the mentee's needs.

Specific Pairings

Our coordinators will pair our mentors with mentees according to their needs and strengths. For example, a pre-IB students will be paired up with an IB student for mentorship and guidance throughout their high school path. Our mentorship program is not only about teaching lessons but guiding students through their academic learning, their career decisions and their work ethic.

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