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About Us


\ ȯgˈzilēəm \

Auxilium translated from Latin is assist and support, which is foundation of our organization.


Auxilium is a federally registered non-profit organization with a mission to support mental health and education in youth, by supporting community involvement and leadership. Our vision is to build a platform where youth can become community leaders, creating positive change in our society. We aim to empower youth by:

Providing volunteer opportunities to give back to the community

Creating valuable connections for students across Ottawa

Producing resources for education and mental health




Our non-profit organization has the sole purpose to give back to our community and society. Our community is important to us because they have been providing support and care for a long time. It's time we give back to our community! 


Volunteering is one of the many ways to give back to our loving community. It also provides students with opportunities and we, as an organization, believe that every student should be given the chance to take all different volunteering opportunities.

During hard and unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people in our community needs our support. People who are separated from their families, people who have no groceries, or even people who feel lonely all need our support program. 



Mental Health

We focus on education and equity in learning. Our resources include links to the 2020-2021 annual school year, tips for productivity, and many more resources. Our goal is to inform the public of recent events as well as training students to create a better learning environment.

Our focal point for mental health is to ensure everyone is living a lively life. We support our community with social events, interactive programs and accessible resources. Our goal is to bring awareness of our well-beings and to create an inclusive environment towards mental health.

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