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Summer Programs

We are now offering youth activities for the summer of 2020. These online classes are taught by guest teachers, all qualified in their individual fields.

We are offering two types of courses, grouped by their time periods.

1-month long classes:

  • Physics Classes

  • Chess Sessions

2-month long classes:

  • Math Lessons

  • Coding Sessions

  • Video-editing Sessions

  • Piano Classes

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Registration is now closed

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COVID-9Teen X Auxilium

We have partnered with COVID-9Teen to bring you a virtual and safe Canada Day. From over 6 different cities across the nation, we celebrate together. With many guests, performances, acts, seminars, here is a list of events occurring throughout the day:​

Lion dancing, youth forums, instrumentalists series, dance parties, tai chi, martial arts, and more!

Join us for some fun all throughout the day!

If you would like to audition for our event, you can register here.

Registration is now closed

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